Sunday, October 19, 2008

Boston Weekend!

Just wanted to Post a few highlights from my weekend in Boston last week! Lisa, Jenn and I went up to visit our fav Bostonian Melissa. Melissa and I are the only two who have been able to make it to every Great American Cities Tour Stop. I guess we ocnsider NYC the first one since we spent 4 years there, but the first trip was to Philadelphia, then Nick and Melissa came down to AC (its a great american city in my book!), and now we've made it to Boston! I say we should do Vegas next... just sayin.

Saturday, September 27, 2008


Haven't updated this in awhile, but had to mention the passing of one of my favorite movie stars! Paul Newman passed away, and not only was he an amazing actor - he made banging salad dressing and popcorn (among other products). He was also kinda a badass because he raced cars too! Such the renaissance man.

He was married to Joann Woodward for over 50 years, thats like being married for 5 lifetimes in Hollywood years.

Its so upsetting when an actor from the "golden era" dies, and the more that pass, the more upsetting it gets. He was literally a living legend, which doesn't come around to often. I can't think of anyone other than Elizabeth Taylor that this term can apply to (I would love to say Madonnna, but its not really fair to be called a living legend until you reach your 70s I think).

Safe to say that Cat on a Hot Tin Roof will be in the DVD player some point this weekend.

Saturday, September 06, 2008

Great Wall of Siobhan

Back from Vacay in VA. Also back in Mount Laurel. I had decided that if I was going to move back to home not-always-so-sweet home, my room needed a major overhaul. With the exception of The Wall. Never coming down as long as I'm living in there, bottom line. I know parts of it are 10 years old, but that makes me love it even more. And since I haven't been living at home for awhile, its funny to look at those old pictures from 8th grade. Its like a pop culture time capsule on my wall. Remember how those Germans refused to take down that wall for the longest time much to the chagrin to everyone else? A similar situation is going on right now in my house. My mom mentioned taking it down in a "few months" and I just laughed at her. Oh Lesley, so young sometimes.

Maybe if she could get David Hasselhoff to sing to me while I take down the wall I'll do it. But even then I probably wouldn't.

Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Mad Men vs. The Office

Our e-mail is down at work right now, without e-mail we're like Mad Men! Except that we have computers, the internet, cell phones with the internet, and women are allowed to be more than secretaries here.

Oh our e-mail came back as I was writing this... back to The Office...

Thursday, March 13, 2008


Just watching the Beatles Anthology with Jess, and while we were watching one of their old concerts from the 60s, I made a comment about how I wish I had a time machine. And Jess made the good point that our kids wouldn’t want to come to our current time period. That made me so annoyed, not at Jessica of course because she was telling the truth, but I realized there really isn’t one artist/band of our generation. There are alot that have come from the generation before us that are still popular today, like I don’t consider Madonna from my time period since I wasn’t even born when she came out with her first single, so I don’t think that can count. I’m not saying there are some great bands out now, but there is nothing close that comes to The Beatles, Who, Stones, etc. They are such monsters of the music industry, that nothing else really is a fair comparison. It could be due to the fact that these bands were the forefathers of the rock movement (well I guess they wouldn’t be, you could argue that the blues masters of the 40s and 50s were the forefathers since they were the ones that were being covered by the bands above.)

I think our generation needs to get a move on.

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Happy Easter!

It must be Easter because my digital camera resurrected from the dead! Praise Kodak!

Monday, January 14, 2008

RIP Digital Camera July 2007- Jan 2008

Over the weekend my Digital Camera (which was a birthday gift from Dec 2006, and I didn't receive it until summer 2007) committed suicide. It leapt from my hands and into a cup of beer, drowning itself. Oh Digital Camera, why did you have to die? Did you feel like you couldn't come to me with your problems? I hope this is a cautionary tale for all you digital camera owners, beware of beer-filled cups! Something about them drives cameras to suicide!